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The East Asia Hydrographic Commission (EAHC) is a regional hydrographic commission within the framework of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). It was established in 1971, on the occasion of the inaugural meeting of the EAHC under the initiative of China, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines and Thailand. Later, DPR of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei joined the commission.

The EAHC composed of the Hydrographers of the countries bordering the Northwest Pacific Ocean, Japan Sea, Yellow Sea, Eastern China Sea, South China Sea, Philippine Sea, Malacca Strait, Northeastern Indian Ocean and adjacent waters in conformity with the Resolution S9 of the Ninth International Hydrographic Conference. The Permanent Secretariat of the EAHC is the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department of Japan.

The main achievement has been producing of the South China Sea ENC in 2005. EAHC decided changing a structure of its organization in order to better meet the future challenges as regional developments in its technical expertise and experience at the 7th EAHC Coordinating Meeting in Republic of Korea in 2013, and then the 1st EAHC Steering Commettee Meeting was held in Malaysia in 2014 replacing the EAHC Coordinating Meeting.


The purpose of the EAHC are:
To coordinate the activities of national hydrographic offices in the region without influencing the internal affairs of the respective hydrographic offices or diminishing their national responsibilities.
To facilitate the mutual exchange of information regarding surveys, research, new developments and technical details related to hydrography.
To encourage mutual assistance for the development of techniques in hydrographic work.
To work out regional cooperative programmes in hydrographic work. Such regional cooperative programmes shall be subject to approval of the Government of the member concerned.

EAHC Statutes

  • Active Statutes (Last Amended Date: September 2022)
  • Amended Statutes (Date: September 1980)
  • Original Statutes (April 1971)
  • Organizational Structure

    The present structure of the EHAC organization is shown below.

    Definition of Cartgraphic Boundary

    A proposal to include a definition for “Cartographic Boundary” in the existing Annex to IHO Resolution 1/1997 as amended on the WEBD Principle was approved by the IHO member states by correspondence in May 2014(please refer to IHO CL40/2014).

    The original proposed defection was presented by Malaysia on behalf of EAHC to WENDWG3(Concept paper / presentation file )

    South China Sea ENC
    ENC Catalogue
    Vice Admiral Budi Purwanto (Indonesia)
    Mr. Li Hongyin (China)

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